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Zystem Kershner SHELVING

Type: Industrial Design | Product Design | Furniture Design

Client: madethisera (Hong Kong)

Launch: September 2016

Dimension: 600 x 600 x 320mm / Module Unit

Material: MDF


The Zystem Kershner shelving breaks away from the constraint of the grid while maintaining the efficiency and flexibility of conventional storages. The design arises from a unique type of tessellating pentagon discovered by mathematician Kershner in 1968. The system is modular, and may suit different spaces by customising the number and arrangement of module units. The adding and removing of a module unit is swift and toolless through the implementation of an ingenious connector system. The shelving design does not have a nominal "front" or "back” and thus is best suited as a freestanding screen for the partitioning of spaces.

Team: Eric Tong

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