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Phorena One

Type: Industrial Design | Product Design | Deep Tech

Client: Phorena (USA)

Launch: -

Dimension: L356 x W356 x H90mm
Material: PC (Polycarbonate); Aluminium Alloy; Polyester Fabric


Phorena One is a next-generation product that redefines smart architectural lighting by integrating Ambient Intelligence with user wellbeing and experience. Modern day pandemic, wildfires, and climate changes are shifting life priorities to health and safety. Our lighting product gives you real-time indoor climate map for improved HVAC efficiency and optimised temperature, humidity, ventilation, and air quality. Our safety sensors notify you of unwanted and unusual events such as unauthorised intrusions, early fires, and earthquakes. Our latest offer is high fidelity circadian lighting on a 24-hour schedule that improves sleep-wake cycles and overall health for chronic disease patients and aging seniors.

Team: Eric Tong, Hannah Morris

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