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Type: Industrial Design | Product Design

Client: W Hotel (Hong Kong)

Launch: June 2019

Dimension: L300 x W300 x H185 (Customisable)

Material: Stainless Steel; Marble; Plywood; Polyester Fabric


The Afternoon Tea Stand project is part of W Hotel’s periodic marketing campaign to refresh their customers' dining experience. The modular design, which allows chefs to rearrange the stand to suit the food menu and optimise food presentation, adapts to the brand's vogue for creativity, variety, and novelty. Each individual stand has a concealed magnet for securing onto the base. The individual stands can also be used independent from the base in special events. Natural marble is selected for luxury as well as their thermal capacity, so the stands can be preheated or precooled to maintain food temperature when required.

Team: Eric Tong, Hannah MorrisYing Chu

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