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Skeleton In The Closet

Type: Product Design | Installation Design

Client: JupYeah (Hong Kong)

Launch: February 2013

Dimension: L2850 x W2850 x H1200mm
Material: Plywood; Stainless Steel


Skeleton In The Closet is an installation designed for a properties-swapping environmentalist group. The vision was to create a hanger device that will present itself as a piece of sculpture even without any hanging garments. Named in the English idiom meaning ‘hidden secret’, the name plays a double entendre with its skeletal form versus the idea of strangers revealing private belongings from their wardrobe. The design comprises a string of eighty hangers morphing gradually in shape to perform different hanging functions. An opening is created in the piece for users to enter the encircled space for a different experience.

Team: Eric Tong, Allen Poon (Tetra Architects)

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