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Ztealth CHAIR

Type: Industrial Design | Product Design | Furniture Design

Client: madethisera (Hong Kong)

Launch: March 2015

Dimension: L585 x W535 x H850mm (Chair Mode); L810 x W635 x H30mm (Folio Mode)
Material: Fabric/Leather; Phenolic Laminated Panels


The Ztealth Chair is a new genre of deployable furniture designed for the demand of ultimate spatial efficiency. The work is a synthesis of Chinese paper-craft ‘zhe-zhi’ and Western design ideology. The chair can be folded for carriage and storage in seconds, reducing to a fraction of its original volume. The design is an engineering marvel: it achieves a good level of comfort, tactility, and aesthetics, but averts any complex mechanics or electronics. The design looks into the future by not just presenting a new form, but one that is driven by a pressing need of high density contemporary living.

Team: Eric Tong, Rebecca Chan, Paul Chung

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