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Uphold CUP

Type: Industrial Design | Product Design

Client: Uphold (Hong Kong)

Launch: December 2018

Dimension: L100 x W90 x H105mm Extended / H30mm Collapsed

Material: Polypropylene (PP); Silicone; Aluminium Alloy


Uphold is a folding travel cup designed for contemporary lifestyles where the call for reduction in disposable plastics gives rise to portable beverage containers. The cup can carry drinks from freezing to boiling temperatures without discomfort to hold. It collapses to pocket-size for portability and is ideal for bag-free go-greeners! The cup’s geometry is mathematical and free from decorative concerns. Every edge and angle is designed to allow the user to convert it between the ‘collapsed’ and ‘extended’ states with ease. It redefines what a portable beverage container can be and is not only stylish and functional but also sustainable.

Team: Eric Tong, Hannah Morris

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