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With The Flow

Type: Architecture | Landscape Design | Furniture Design

Client: Government of the HKSAR (Hong Kong)

Completion: July 2017

Location: Waterfall Bay Park, Hong Kong
Material: Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP); Galvanised Mild Steel (GMS)


With The Flow is commissioned by the government to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the HKSAR. The project is situated near the ever-flowing cascade of Waterfall Bay, Southern, a landmark that prevailed through the city’s transformation from a fishing village to the metropolitan of today. The seating installation is located at an underused part of the park, with the intention to revitalise where might have been neglected. The design unites sculptural art and essence of well-being, drawing together physical exercising with art appreciation. Its satin surface reflects the light and colours of the surroundings, heightening one's appreciation of nature's beauty.

Team: Eric Tong, Hannah Morris, Emily Yuen

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