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Type: Industrial Design | Product Design | Lighting Design

Client: HKTDC (Hong Kong)

Launch: October 2015

Dimension: L175 x W160 x H675mm
Material: Scaffolding Bamboo (Reclaimed); E27 Light Bulb Fixtures


Light Pole captures the essence of upcycling by creating a lighting device with limiting resources. Commissioned by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for ‘Create Outside the Grid’ exhibition, the project uses reclaimed scaffolding bamboo together with conventional light bulb fixtures to create a democratic industrial product at minimal cost. The idea is to introduce second life to a material that would otherwise be landfill. The design harnesses bamboo stems that are typically straight and cylindrical between nodes, then trimming them at oblique angles to reveal the delicate and tenuous internal grains that act as diffusers to produce soothing light.

Team: Eric Tong

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